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All classes are started with a warm-up. Then we start to work with technique of fencing. We conclude the lessons with a number of challenging parties.

The program for the 7 to 12 year olds is aimed at stimulating general sporting aspects, developing the coordination and the technique of fencing. We use the so-called Brassard system. A maximum of 16 students can train in this group. After about one year, children can participate in youth-tournaments.

For the 11 to 15 year olds, the emphasis is on competitive fencing, technology and tactics. For both groups, pleasure in sport comes first.

Youth (7 till 12 years)
Thursday night from 18:30 to 19:30 uur.

Cadet / Junior (12 till 15 years)
Thursday night from 19:00 to 20:15 uur.

Participation in competitions is not mandatory.


For youth from 15 years (Cadets / Juniors) & adults (Seniors / Veterans)

We train on Thursday evening from 19.45 to 21.30 There is no preference for a weapon during the training. You can opt for fencing with foil, saber or epee. The training is given in two groups:

  • saber
  • foil / epee

During each training we start with a joint warm-up. Here attention is paid to strength & condition training, training of reaction time and footwork. Then you can practice with each other and the maître gives individual lesson instructions. At the end of the lesson there is the possibility of free fencing.

Participation in competitions is without obligation.


What gear do you need?

  • a mask (350, 800 or 1600N)
  • a fencing jacket (350 or 800N)
  • 1 fencing glove (800N)
  • Indoor sports shoes or specific fencing shoes
  • for women and girls, a chest protector
  • eventually an under-jacket (800N)
  • eventually fencing pants with long socks
  • weapon

You will bring your own training shorts (long), T-shirt and sports shoes. The right shoes are important. Please do not use thick, wide shoes and most of all without air cushions in the soles. A shoe with a plain sole will give more grip during fencing. Shoes with light colored soles are the best. In case the sole is black please make sure they do not leave black stripes or marks on the floor when used.

During the introduction lessons the usage of the club fencing material is free.

Check for the possitiblity of renting gear here


Sinds januari 2019 kun je bij ons rolstoelschermen.

Wat is rolstoelschermen? Bij rolstoelschermen staan de rolstoelen vast in een frame. Om het wapen van je tegenstander te ontwijken, kun je met je bovenlichaam naar achter bewegen of met je wapen weren. Om aan te vallen, kun je met je bovenlichaam naar voren bewegen. Omdat je dicht bij elkaar zit, heb je voldoende spierkracht in je armen nodig.

Rolstoelschermen is geschikt voor alle mensen die niet lopend kunnen sporten. In de schermsport gaat het erom je tegenstander te raken, zonder zelf geraakt te worden. Ook bij het rolstoelschermen is dit het uitgangspunt. Techniek, tactiek en snelheid zijn heel belangrijk. Het is een uitdaging!

Het rolstoelschermen bij PSV Schermen wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de donateurs en vrijwilligers van de Nederlandse Stichting voor het Gehandicapte Kind (NSGK).

Is rolstoelschermen iets voor jou? 

Wanneer:  Elke donderdagavond
Kinderen tot 12 jaar trainen van 18:30 tot 19:30u.
Jeugd van 12 tot 15 jaar traint van 19:00 tot 20:15u.
Junioren en volwassenen  van 19:45 tot 21:30u.

Meld je aan voor een proefles via het contactformulier en ervaar of rolstoelschermen bij jou past!


Jeugd Punten Toernooi

The Youth Points Tournaments (JPT) are a series of easy accessible tournaments where youth fencers can compete against opponents of their own age and level once a month. For winning games and scored hits, points are awarded with which different diplomas and Brassards are earned. It is a nice stepping stone to KNAS tournaments and for many the ideal acquaintance with competitive sports.

PSV calls on all young people to join the JPT to taste the atmosphere and experience how much fun it is to fence real matches. You can measure yourself with peers from other fencing associations.

Practical issues

When: in principle every 3rd Saturday of the month.In the months of July and August there is no JPT. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Nahouw website.

Where: Many locations in the Netherlands; participating associations are hosts; this can be in Breda, Veldhoven but also Apeldoorn. On the Nahouw website you can see where the JPTs take place.

Costs: You register per year for € 45.

Times: Registration between 12.00 and 12.30, at 16.00 hours the tournament is over.

If you want to participate, you must always e-mail the competition secretary 10 days before the start of the contest. He will pass on your application to the organization of the JPT.

More information

More information about the organization, costs of participation and the results of the youth point tournaments are usually updated a few days after the match and can be found on the JPT page of Knas.

Pictures JPT 16.03.2019 in Best:

See more pictures: Leden

Pictures JPT 18.03.2018 in Best:

JPT maart2018 (2) JPT maart2018 (3) JPT maart2018 (4) JPT maart2018 (5) JPT maart2018 (6)

Brassard system

The Brassard system is a method used to provide structure in the training of the novice fencer.
You learn a piece of theory and practice each time and then jointly take an exam at your fencing instructor. The goal is that you are ready for the real tournaments. For example, to participate in the Youth point tournaments (JPT) and other national competitions.

Educating youth members

The Brassard system is under development at the Royal Dutch fencing federation (KNAS). It exists every time out of a coloured booklet with theory, an associated Brassard (logo for your outfit) and a certificate. A detailed explanation can be found at the KNAS.

Fencing club PSV uses the Brassard system in the training of its youth members. There are 3 books published so far: yellow, red and blue. For this you can take the exam at your own Brassards maître in spring and autumn (see calendar for dates). For the higher (green and beyond) Brassards comes a central examination, expected to be on the day of a JPT.

What are the costs?

The cost for the Brassard system are: €12.50 per Brassard (including book, diploma and ironing logo). You start with the first Brassard theory booklet (yellow) and a sleeve logo. This allows you to achieve the maximum 5 different Brassards (colored bar). Of course you also get, after successfully passing the exam, the corresponding diploma.


If you have any questions you can contact the maîtres or Johan Guitjens, competition Secretary: email wedstrijdsecretaris