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About us

PSV Fencing is THE sports club for both beginner and experienced fencers, from 7 years and older. Sporty, challenging and open to all. Feel free to visit us and have a look and / or subscribe for 3 introduction lessons for €15.


vic Vic Hartog
maryam Maryam Yazdani
adrian Adrian Skiba


Voorzitter Isabel de Haan,
Secretaris Luuk Hammecher,
Penningmeester Hans van Haastrecht,
Open Membership Adminsitration


Het eerste PSV logoPSV fencing club was founded in the 1920s. Philips grew as a company in Eindhoven and took good care of all employees. Houses were built, facilities were arranged and sport encouraged. This is how our PSV fencing club was founded.

The PSV Fencing continues to grow. We are an accessible, active fencing club association. Since 2017, the weekly training courses are provided in the sports facilities of the International School (Eindhoven). The club stands for a good contact between all its members (and parents of the youth members). PSV is not only a sport club, but also a club where everyone feels at home, is involved and where mutual respect very important is.