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Membership | Contribution

The contribution is made up of the subscription to PSV fencing and the yearly, mandatory, subscription to the Dutch fencing bond – KNAS (Koninklijke Nederlandse Algemene Schermbond).
Membership of the KNAS is necessary for every fencer in connection with the collective liability and accident insurance.That makes it possible for you to be protected without any worries. Read more about the advantages on the website of the KNAS.

The yearly KNAS contribution is € 29,25 for children and young adults up to 20 years, from 21 years the contribution is € 58,50

January July
(starting 21 years)
€ 178,50
(contribution incl. KNAS)
€ 120,00
Young adults
(15 – 21 years)
€ 149,25
(contribution incl. KNAS)
€ 120,00
(up to 15 years)
€ 141,75
(contribution incl. KNAS)
€ 112,25

Since 1-1-2016 we collect the contribution through automatic debiting. In case no authorization is given for the automatic debiting we need to charge an administration fee of € 12,50. You can download the form here.


Usage of visual material on the homepage of PSV fencing and Face-book

When you subscribe to PSV Fencing you approve the usage of visual material related to competitions / trainings / events. In case you do not agree with the publication of material in which you can be recognized please give us written notification of it by sending an email to:

The related pictures will be removed a.s.a.p.


Rent fencing equipment

The club has a limited amount of fencing material for rent. Renting is ideal for the period you are not sure yet whether you want to continue with fencing.

  • We experienced that generally our new members buy their own gear after half a year.

The costs for the rent are € 30 per 6 months, independently of the amount of material you use. In case you buy your own gear, we cannot give you a refund.

  • The rented material stays at the club and cannot be taken home.

The actual norms (actual rules and regulations) for the international competitions can be found on the website of the KNAS.

A price indication for buying a 350nw starters-set (jacket, mask, weapon) is around, €150/175, suitable for fencers participating in competitions, up to 12 years old and for recreational fencers of any age.


Borrowing of material

Attention: borrowing of electric material is not allowed!

Borrowing can be done only after agreemnt with the management. A borrow-document needs to be filled in and signed in case of:

  • 1st participation at the JPT (youth competition)
  • 1st participation at competitions for which the clubs’ material fulfills the requested norms.




PSV Schermen will be joining Courage in 2020 under the new name Engarde. This means that PSV as a fencing club was dissolved on 31 December 2019.
You can register via the SV Courage website:


You can unsubscribe per semester. Please note that you need to unsubscribe at least 2 months before the next payment. The KNAS subscription is always for 1 year.

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