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27 juni, Stage Fencing

JPT Best 2019

Together with Courage from Veldhoven we organized the JPT in Best on Saturday 3.16.2019. See the photo’s below for an impression.

PSV Club Championships 2018

The PSV Club Championships 2018 were organized on Op 13 december.

JPT Best 2018

Pictures of the JPT 2018 in Best:

PSV Club Championships 2017

The PSV Club Championships 2017 were organized on 7 December. It became a beautiful sporting and enjoyable evening with the entire association. From youth members to adults were present. The sportiness was high but of course there were a top 3 winners in every age category. These received a cup from the hands of the president and maître.

Thank all participants for the fun and congratulations on the achieved performances.

All maîtres and adults who helped as a referee, thank you for your efforts.

For an impression of the evening, you can view the photos here.